Welcome to Russia in a Nutshell!


I am an Italian expat who has been living and working in Moscow for over eight years.

In 2019, after many years of studying Russian and travelling across the country, I felt an inexplicable urge to create the blog Russia in Pillole in order to share with my fellow Italians all I have learned about Russia and Russian and the ups and downs of my life in Moscow.

All in my own way, of course, which is VERY different from what you’ll find in a grammar book or a travel guide.

Given the success of the Italian blog, I have decided to start a new adventure with Russia in a Nutshell, this time in English and therefore accessible to lovers of Russia and Russian from all over the world!

Russia in a Nutshell

Russia is both culturally and geographically removed from many other countries and, let’s be honest, it’s quite stressful. I write my posts to give useful advice and insights into the language, culture and society of Russia in a simple and fun way.

Here’s what you can find on my blog:


Are you studying Russian and spending your nights sobbing over case tables? Do you have a Russian husband or wife and want to understand what he/she yells at you when you fight?

In the posts found in the “Grammar” category, I explain all the difficulties of the Russian language that I’ve encountered studying Russian at university and speaking it in Moscow every day.

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These are short, simple and quick posts dedicated to a specific topic.

Here, you will find brief insights into specific topics, a lot of vocabulary and curiosities about the origin of Russian words.

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If you dream of moving to Moscow, working in St. Petersburg or simply living your life the Russian way, you’ve come to the right place!

In these posts, I’ll tell you everything I know about life in Russia.

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Are you about to leave for St. Petersburg and don’t know whether to pack a raincoat or a mountain jacket? Are you having palpitations because you’ll be in Moscow in two days and have no idea how to get to the city center from the airport?

Calm down! In the “Tourism” posts, you will find all the answers, tips and tricks necessary to organize the perfect Russian vacation.

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While at times it might seem otherwise, I love Russian and Russia and hope this blog can be a safe place to discuss and learn and to laugh and joke.

Enjoy the reading! Any questions? Get in touch!