RUIS – Learn Russian With Short Films

Let’s be honest: watching films, TV series and video content is one of the best ways to practice the REAL Russian language, learn new words, verbs, and expressions and dive into the culture of the country.

Everyone want’s to learn Russian with short films! However, as a Russian learner, you know that it’s not easy to find materials suitable for study: between shocking voiceovers and subtitles that do not correspond to what actors say, it becomes hard to focus and even understand.

So I had an idea! One year ago I launched a new project for my Italian readers: Russian in Shorts – a Patreon page where they can find original short films shot in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, with multilanguage subtitles, glossaries, cultural insights and grammar explained.

And guess what? RUIS is now available in English too!

RUIS learn russian with short films

What you will get on RUIS – Russian in Shorts in English

Whatever your proficiency level is, on RUIS – Russian in Short you can learn Russian with short films and fully immerse yourself in the country’s culture and understand the gestures, contexts, situations and realia.

Here is what you will get access to:

1) 5 Russian short films to start with + at least 1 more every week
2) Watch every short film with subtitles in Russian (which correspond to what the actors say!) or in English
3) Downloadable PDF sheets with glossaries, vocabulary, grammar and cultural insights
4) Downloadable PDF dialogue scripts with English translation
5) Change video playback speed
6) Ask me questions with DMs or in the comment section

Why you should learn Russian with short films?

First of all, they are less scary! Watching an entire movie in a language you don’t yet know well can be a very stressful experience. With these short films, I propose you can enjoy a story from start to finish in a maximum of 30 minutes.

Also, they are short, which means that you can easily watch them more than once without getting bored to really understand the dialogues, analyze the texts and learn the words.

Last but not least, with each video you get something new to learn: specialized vocabulary, slang, and different situations of everyday life.


The choice between watching a movie with Russian subtitles, English subtitles or without subtitles is very personal and depends on your goals and proficiency level.

On RUIS – Russian in Shorts, for each short film you can activate subtitles in Russian (which correspond exactly to the dialogues) or in English (or in Italian, of course, if you want).

Film Profiles

Probably, the most important part of my system for learning Russian with short films.

There are expressions, sayings and words that simply cannot be translated and go beyond their literal meaning, and there are gestures and situations that are deeply rooted in the history and culture of the country.

Each short film comes with a downloadable PDF Film Profile that features a glossary, comments about the context of the movie, and even grammar and cultural insights.

Give it a try!

Wanna give it a try and have a preview? Watch this!

Learn Russian With Short Films

RUIS – Russian in Shorts in English is now available! Here are the films you can watch and study now!






More soon!

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